For Cats that Love to Scratch

As the cats claws continue to grow throughout their lives. Periodically, the base of each nail is encased in a scaly outer layer or sheath. This scaly sheath causes discomfort when they retract their claws. Scratching is the cat’s natural method of removing the sheath to maintain healthy claws.

In nature, cats will scratch trees or logs, so in the house, cats often turn to furniture as a substitute. Sprinkling a generous amount of catnip onto the scratching post will encourage frequent scratching and redirect the behaviour from the furniture to the scratcher.

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Cat Scratching Post

Designed to encourage natural feline behaviour. Your cat will enjoy the comfort and playtime. At really super prices.

Fur Cat Scratching Post

Trixie cat posts certainly are a charming cat product with a luxurious fur coating to keep your cat snuggly & warm.

Cat Scratching Post

Rosewood produce great quality cat posts that allow for playtime and to easily bring out your cats primal potential.

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