Keeping Your Dog Warm during the Wintry Weather

Addisons pet shop know the importance of keeping your dog snug, dry and warm during the cold climate of the UK. With this in mind, we make it a high priority to stock a superb collection of dog coats. Our coats are also highly fashionable; after all, they are your companions, your best friends.

Our stock varies from practical wear, waterproof coats, high visibility variations and a wide range of assorted stylish clothing. So why not take a peek at our pet shop in Lees, Oldham.

Keeping your dog warm & cosy during the wet and wintry weather

Nobby Waterproof Dog Coats

Nobby raincoats for your dog are certainly great value for money. Keep your dog dry, keep him well.

Colour Coordinated Coats

Here at Addison’s we also stock matching sets of coats to suit all sizes. A great idea for those with two or more dogs.

Patterned Dog Coats

Patterned coats for your dogs, let them really blend in with the family. As well as being practical, these also give a sense of fashion!

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